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The Beacon School

To fulfill our promise of hope and education for Bahamian Children, Beacon For Change has been providing unwavering support to the boys and girls at the Beacon School since 2010. The Beacon School has been changing how children with developmental disabilities and life challenges are embraced and included in the community. This critical work ensures that children with disabilities, not only live, learn, work, and play in their communities, but more importantly, thrive! Education is the cornerstone to promoting that promising future. We are committed to the belief that a solid foundation is required in order for children to grow into happy, healthy, and successful young adults.

Beacon For Change continues to fundraise and donate to the Beacon School so they can continue their mission of providing the knowledge, tools and skills to help our children develop into successful and self-sufficient adults. Since 2010, we have raised over $300k in donations and supplies, supporting over 1,000 children.


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